For a special gift for any occasion, buy a gift card for a loved one and support The Kanji Project.

You might be wondering what to give to those friends and family members who ‘have everything’.
These colourful Kanji gift cards could be just what you’re looking for.
On the front of the main card are two cheerful photos showing pupils from St Antony’s School, and on the back is information about our charity.
Inside each card is space to write your own message and an attractive insert describing the gift. 
Please click on the card you want to order to go through to the relevant donation page. In order to received more than one of each card, please edit the donation amount on the page.
To order, for example, two cards at £15, click on the photo of children playing with a parachute, and enter £30 in the Amount box. 

There are 6 wonderful gifts to choose from and support our ongoing work– Just click the images below to purchase the card of your choice.

*Please note that currently we can only process UK orders for these gift cards*

A gift of £5 can buy SCHOOL MATERIALS for pupils who can’t afford the clothes and equipment necessary to take full advantage of their schooling.

Your gift can pay for text and exercise books, writing materials, items of uniform and shoes for school children from poor families. is for pupils who can’t afford the clothes and equipment necessary to take full advantage of their schooling.

A gift of £10 can buy TOILETRIES AND SANITARY ITEMS for girls and young women who can’t afford basic hygiene products.

Your gift can provide soap, towels, shampoo, deodorant and sanitary pads, for poor village girls.

A gift of £15 can buy PLAY EQUIPMENT for children with disabilities attending the Sunshine Special School.

Your gift can provide educational toys designed to improve fine motor skills, or bats and balls and other outdoor play equipment to develop mobility.

A gift of £20 can pay for LEGAL AID for village women suffering domestic and employment injustices.

Your gift can help women of all ages who are unable to afford legal aid, to remedy abuses experienced in the home and in the work place.

A gift of £25 can pay for MEDICAL TREATMENT to help children and villagers, who can’t afford to see a doctor.

Your gift can pay for poor people in villages to attend medical camps organised by the charity, at which they receive medical advice and basic treatment.

A gift of £30 can provide IMPROVED EYESIGHT for children with poor vision who aren’t able to take advantage of their schooling.

Your gift can enable the charity to pay for either spectacles or a cataract operation, for children identified as having eyesight problems.