Kanji's Good News

A Page of News to Make You Smile

Keep an eye out for new updates from St Antony's Foundlings, The Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Kanji Project trustees, and our amazing supporters all over the world.

Kanji Skydive Success

Our trustee George completed his Sponsored Kanji Skydive on the 22nd October on his third attempt, raising funds to support the COVID response in Kanji and having a great ime while doing it! You can watch the Skydive by clicking the image.

Much Needed Rain Arrives in Kanji

The beginning of September saw some long overdue rain arrive in Kanji, with a rainfall that lasted all night and filled up depleted water storage units and ponds. Capitalising on the rainfall, St Antony's was able to plant 1.5 acres of rice paddies on the school grounds. After a long dry spell, the rain has breathed new life into the agricultural work in the school and the surrounding villages.

Sunshine Students Support

The Rose Sisters have welcomed students back to the Sunshine School on four occasions since the start of COVID, where they have been able to provide food and support to both the children and their families. The teachers are also visiting the children at home twice a week to help them to continue their study even when they are unable to attend school. In addition, the Rose Sisters are supporting up to a further 500 disabled people with food supplies during the pandemic.

Supporting Disabled Adults Through COVID

Throughout the pandemic, the Rose Sisters are continuing to support disabled people in the communities surrounding Kanji to access government financial support and save for food and other resources needed. In the last 3 months they have set up 22 disability self help groups, who have organised into a federation of support groups that have collectively saved 70,000 rupees that can be accessed by members when needed. During the first four months of the pandemic, governmental support for disabled people was frozen and so many people were struggling with no access to food or other services, and so the creation of these groups has allowed for mutual aid and successful lobbying to local government for funding to be reintroduced.

The EYE Project - Learning and Sharing with Sussex Schools

TKP Trustee Rod and SAF Correspondent Lourdusamy tuned into to an online workshop on the 2nd July, organised by the Eco, Young, and Engaged Project. The 1st Virtual EYE Eco Summit featured activities including rock pool mapping, air pollution mapping, celebrating climate champions in local schools around Sussex, and much more! Aimed at students aged between 6 and 14, the EYE initiative aims to engage young people in sustainability activities, and Lourdusamy's Eco Club at St Antony's shares this goal. By getting involved in these local school projects, SAF and TKP are hoping to strengthen their links with UK schools and Kanji, as well as build on the activities of the eco club at St Antony's.

Feeding the hungry across 20 villages

The Rose Sisters have been working hard in the villages through the COVID-19 pandemic, and have received approval from the local government to expand their humanitarian work into 20 villages around Kanji during the crisis. They have now reached over 800 families who were struggling with food, and supplied them with rice, oil, and dal. With The Kanji Project's COVID-19 fund support, they will be able to continue this work during this difficult time.

COVID-19 Support at St Antony's

As St Antony's remains closed due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Tamil Nadu, the school staff have found ways to continue to support their local community through the provision free mid-day meals to 25 destitute elderly men and women in the villages, and - pictured here - providing rice rations for over 200 poor families that are struggling to make ends meet during the current crisis.

A Very Successful Fundraiser

We would like to say a massive thank you to Kanji supporter and trustee Annette Boehmer, who cycled a whopping 58 miles in one day through Brighton to raise money for The Kanji Project. After a very successful ride, she raised over £1,000 for our Indian partners. You can watch the ride here and experience a great cycle (on a very warm day!) yourself: https://www.relive.cc/view/vMq5dLZW8Q6. Thank you Annette!

Marking International Women's Day

On Saturday 7 March, Eastbourne Kanji supporters ran an Indian artefact stall at an event celebrating International Women's Day. It was a joyous occasion held in the Town Hall which was decorated with purple and white balloons and attended by hundreds of people. In addition to numerous stalls, there was street food, dancing, singing, poetry and speakers. A lot of people visited our Kanji stall and we took over £200 for the sale of our Indian goods. We made some useful contacts and hope that the newsletters we slipped into the bags containing purchased goods inspire some long-term support.

Mastering the Walker

One of the students of the Sunshine School, getting to grips with her walker! Many of the students at Sunshine have physical disabilities, but the Rose Sisters provide a warm and caring environment where these vulnerable children can learn new skills, receive therapy and be medically assessed and monitored. It's great to see the progress that these children make in their time at the Sunshine School!

A Trustee Report from India

Trustees from The Kanji Project visited Kanji for the 25th Anniversary celebrations of St Antony's Foundlings. Whilst there, they caught up with events at the school, Shanthi Lumin girl's home, and the work of the Rose Sisters in the villages. You can read about their trip by clicking the image.

Feeding the Hungry in Kanji

Sebastian, who works at St Antony's, delivers food daily to people in the villages surrounding the school who are in need of support. 7 days a week, St Antony's Foundlings provides free meals to 37 hungry people in their local area.

English Classes for St Antony's Teachers

During the trustee trip to Kanji for St Antony's 25th Anniversary Celebrations, trustee Veronica took some time out to run an English class with some of the teachers after school hours. Plenty of singing and dancing ensued!

The Kanji Colour Run

We want to say a massive thank you to Silva and Laura, who ran the Colour Obstacle Rush in Brighton to raise funds for the Sunshine Day Centre in India. Runners were covered in rainbow coloured powder paint, much like in the Hindu festival of Holi that is celebrated annually in India. Silva and Laura raised a whopping £180 for the Day Centre!