St Antony’s School

– The Kanji Project provides education for poor children, from kindergarten at the age of 3 to high school at 16.

Providing Education

St Antony’s School educates approximately 1500 children from the age of 3 until the age of 16. It has a kindergarten, a junior school and a senior school.

The Kanji Project provides funding to educate poor children from rural villages, enabling them to study towards a career.

Providing Education

The children are from all faiths and castes and they come, many by school bus, from villages around the Kanji area.

Children learn in both English and Tamil, as English provides them with opportunities for the future.

Learning from a Young Age

The Kanji Project’s grants ensure that these children from rural communities have a decent education, enabling them to go on to further studies and forge careers when they leave the school, thus lifting them out of poverty.

The Kanji Project gives funds to support the running costs of the school buses that collect and drop off children from many remote villages around Kanji. Without these buses, children would not have the opportunity to receive an education.

Funding School Transport