COVID-19 Situation in Tamil Nadu - Updates from India

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to have impacts around the world, we will try to bring you updates from our Indian partners as they come to us. Please see below for updates from SAF and the Rose Sisters as they continue their work in these difficult times. To read our COVID-19 statement and to make a donation to our COVID appeal, please click here

4 June 2021 – Sister Oswald, The Rose Sisters

Here in India the condition is very bad, and in Tamil Nadu the numbers of Covid cases are high. At this juncture we had an election in Tamil Nadu. The Government has changed, and the new Party’s chief minister M.K. Stalin is doing very well in this pandemic situation. He has introduced many welfare programs for the wellbeing of the people, we are happy about his government. Gradually the infection is getting reduced. We hope that the rate of infection will soon come down.
We are under lock down and it may be continued for a few more weeks. Our Sunshine school children are safe and fine. We communicated with them over phone and motivated their parents to take the vaccine; the parents of the Sunshine School are vaccinated; but many of the children have still not yet been given a vaccine, as there is scarcity of availability. Our chief minister is trying to buy more vaccines and even planning to produce vaccines in Tamil Nadu itself.
Nine of the differently abled people died due to coronavirus infection, and another nine parents of our tuition children and children’s parliament died. We are raising awareness to the children and the people to wear masks, to keep social distance and to take vaccination over phone and direct them not to allow the children to join with other children to play. We also tell them not to attend any functions such as marriage, death and other family gatherings.

23 May 2021 – Maria, St Antony’s Foundlings

At the moment it is terrible what is going on in India with COVID variant. Some of our relatives have died and everyday one or two persons from every village are dying. One of our Ayah’s husband has passed away because of COVID. People are frightened. The government has announced full lockdown for next week. We do not know what is going to happen. We hope and pray that the situation will get better soon. Please take care and keep safe.

31 March 2021 – Maria, St Antony’s Foundlings

Covid 19 is bad here and is killing lot of people. One of  my relations, a nice man, died 5 days ago and none us were allowed near the body. He was a district collector, an important post, but no one can see him after his death. I am busy cleaning homes and gardens now, and so I can’t visit our children from Shanthi Lumin. Covid has affected the world, when will be free from this? Hopefully soon.

9 September 2020 – Lourdusamy, St Antony’s Foundlings

The COVID situation isn’t great and many people are going down with the virus and some, usually those with underlying medical problems, are dying. One local government teacher has died. The villagers seem to struggle with abiding by safety instructions and make little attempt to distance themselves – life has gone back to normal and people continue to become infected. There is an attitude of what will be will be. More people are returning to work, some back to the cities, but most to local work in the fields and in local businesses. A huge, new mobile company is opening near Chennai, and the school will be used as a base for recruitment. This as a way of helping his community – work means payment, and payment means food. There are still a lot of sick people and people with disabilities who need food, and SAF will continue to provide this where possible.